SSD Usage Guide

Is there a thread that explains how to transfer music and/or video files from an external USB drive to an internal SSD in the 150? Or can you append the above post to include that info?



If the external USB drive you meant is connected to RS150B, there’s no way to transfer files from external USB to internal SSD.
You need to download files from PC using SMB.
(Or you can take off the SSD and connect to PC but that’s too much complicated)

Thanks - I’m not a networking guy, so was hoping the 150 had a simple copy & paste function I could have used to add all 3,000 of my music files to the internal SSD I installed in my 150.

I’m sure the Role team has a long list of feature enhancements they are considering. Please add Copy & Paste music files to that list, both To the internal SSD From an external USB drive AND From the internal SSD back To an External USB drive (many use USB drives to backup our files), along with the ability to save analogue tracks after the 150 has converted them to digital (allowing us to “upload” our records)