Subwoofer on RS520


is it possible to connect a sub on the RS520? if so, how?

thank you!

Yes. The most obvious method would be to connect the pre-amp (RCA) outputs to powered sub’s input or inputs, if using a two subs is what you had in mind.

thank you! Indeed, I had in mind to use 2 subs, SVS 3000 micro or KEF KC62. Do you know how I would go about setting the crossover on the sub? does it make a difference in the set up of the sub that the RS-520 was not designed to have a dedicated sub output ?

Stereo preamp outputs are suitable for subwoofer output provided that you will have sub crossovers, control over the crossover point and level controls, which in both cases you would have. In my opinion the KEF is the better engineered product, and better suited to the average listening environment, but SVS has earned a pretty solid reputation. SVS is a somewhat newer company while KEF has been making hifi speakers for 60 years and it was the first in the world to employ speaker design software back in the 1970s.
You would have to experiment with settings but the manufacturer’s manuals will provide some recommended settings. Here is a link to the KEF manual:–v4AzuKO8–/3b3a4790ce3fbaac2db09ff555d67a3796c8b7dd.pdf

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Thank you so much, this is very useful!

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