Suggestion - Roadmap category/topic

Many users regularly ask questions about when a bug will be fixed or a new feature will be implemented.
It could be interesting to share the road map of future deliveries for apps (RoseConnect) and OS of each component.
With a new section like the one I suggest, it will be easy for us (users) to know on what Hifi Rose is working on for the next years/months and approximately when fixes and features will be available to us.

I like your inovatives products and the way you keep in touch with your consumers in this forum.
Keep your good work.


Good idea. Hope Rose could consider it seriously.

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I hope too. This will be good for us, for them and for this forum.
Thanks for you support

Yes, I support this idea as well. It would save us a lot of time by constantly going back to the same issues, I.e. time for DB scanning :+1:t2:


I can bear with that as long as I can see a plan for improvement.

I believe many users would like to see feedbacks and possibilities regarding this Roadmap idea from you guys. Hope Rose could seriously consider it.

Complementary to my first idea, a list of known bugs for each apps and and components would be great, so peoples would look there before opening a new post. I think this will help to keep this forum cleaner.

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Dear Users

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We forward to the Software team any inconveniences you have, additional requests, or bugs.
Then, the software team classifies the importance and the need for mooring and proceeds sequentially.
At this time, it is difficult to proceed with your request right away, but we will also think of a way for users to check whether the request is in progress or will be added in the next update.

Thank you

Thank you ROSEHAN.
If there’s a way for us to see our (or any) requests that are working in progress, it would be better than nothing.

Hopefully I’m just worrying for nothing. :^)

With the recent introduction of the new RS-130, the lineup is growing and consumer interest also increasing.

Quantitative expansion is important but I would like you to actively support usability improvement through a professional UX design.

I am also looking forward to the server overhaul for DB improvement announced this time.

Your service is also a part of the product.
I always support your nice service.

Thank you ROSE

Hello, thank you for your suggestion. I believe that releasing the roadmap will definitely be helpful for many people who are waiting for updates. We will consider releasing the roadmap in a positive direction. However, even if we do decide to release it, detailed schedules, specific update details, and sensitive information may be omitted. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

Thank you very much for your great interest in HIFI ROSE.

Thank you very much for considering my suggestion in a positive way.
I’ll follow this with great interest.