Suggestions for future software releases

Ability to see what movie/ episode you already have watched
Ability to automatically restart music, a movie or an episode/series where you left it.
Possibility to watch video without adapting the frame rate, encoding, etc…

Thanks in advance


Hello @Marc_62

Let me answer to your suggestions.

  1. UPNP: Features related to UPnP media discovery and addition are not yet under consideration.
  2. DNLA: It supports only the Media Renderer (DMR) function that can play content from the server.
    The Media Server (DMS) function that stores and runs the content to be actually shared is not supported.

3,4,5. We will give you an answer regarding whether to add a function or not. I will let youWe will notify you when it is developed later.

Thank you.

Rose HiFi: once you click a video, it should play on the display rather than having to secondarily click the text of the video on the upper section.

Would be good to have a Roon App available on the main screen