Switch to keep Shazam on for all radio stations

I absolutely love the Shazam feature that you can select which recognizes a song being played on a radio station and then displays a cover and other information for the artist then performing. Could we please have a settings switch to apply this Shazam setting continuously for radio stations so that the artist information would automatically be displayed as each song is being played.


Thank you for your interest in and suggestions for HIFIROSE. However, please understand that the feature you mentioned is difficult to develop due to current traffic-related issues.

Thank you.


If this feature is too difficult to implement, is there a command on the remote control which will turn on Shazam for a song? That way I can press it each time.

Thank you.

Ron Compton


As you said, you can press the Music search button on the RoseRadio playback screen with the remote control.

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No matter what I do, including removing and reinserting the batteries, I can’t get the remote to be seen by Bluetooth on my RS 130. Previously, it was identified and paired.

Some of the remote functions work even though the remote isn’t recognized on the bluetooth setup screen(?).

One that does work which I really LOVE is all I have to do is press the OK button to get Shazam to recognize a song.
Thank you!!!

Thank you for your assistance.


I have been able to turn on Shazam with the remote.

The process is as follows:

  1. Start at the main RoseRadio station screen. This is the one with no other stations listed, just the one for the radio station. playing and the Shazam screen on the left hand side
  2. On the remote, press the “OK” button ONCE. Keep it pressed until the two remote lights flash and go out. This is only one or two seconds. The “OK” button is a small round button in the center of the four way toggle switch.
  3. Wait at least one second. Then press the “OK” button again also waiting until the two lights on the remote go out. That will activate Shazam and the album art for the song playing on the radio station will be displayed.
  4. After the first Shazam album has been identified, for all subsequent songs/albums only one OK button press is necessary.

There are two things to remember here. The first is that the first OK just highlights the Shazam app, The second OK “presses” the Shazam App button. Pressing OK twice in rapid succession doesn’t work because the remote ignores the second OK command while it is transmitting the first. Thus, the need for the timing of the button press. It would be nice for the remote to cache a second input while it is transmitting but it doesn’t so this approach works perfectly instead.