Tidal connect coming?

Hi there,

I’m very interested in getting a rs150, but I have a couple of questions. It seems, much is still developing on the software side and to be honest, I’ve just parted with an amp that had terrible issues for a year, so I wanted to ask what the progress might look like.

Do you think there is going to be a Tidal connect feature with the unit? And if so, what would a timeframe be? Of course I don’t need a fixed date.

Best, joh


The existing Tidal implementation is fantastic.
I do not miss Tidal Connect.

Hi Keld,

I wonder how that works? I saw some cool stuff about it saving what it streams. Do you use it with rose app?

However, I’m very much looking for ease of use for other people in the houshold, friends etc. For that Tidal Connect would be unbeatable imho. I know it’s only out for a little while.

Hi @joh ,

Tidal is integrated in the Rose Connect app. It is one of the sources you can select, next to ‘Music’ (Rose SDD or other permanent memory like SD card or network drive), ‘Video’ (same drives as with ‘Music’), ‘Radio’ (internet radio per country grouped), ‘RoseFM’ (analogue FM radio simulator, limited to only a few countries now), ‘RoseTube’ (YouTube), ‘Podcast’, ‘Tidal’, ‘Bugs’ (only for Korea), ‘Qobuz’ and ‘CD’.

The RS150 contains also a Spotify Connect functionality, so from the Spotify app you can cast directly to your RS150 but Spotify itself is not integrated in Rose Connect, unlike Tidal.

About saving Tidal streams, it is called ‘caching’, but I am not sure that you can ‘rip’ music from Tidal streams like you can do from a CD.

3 remarks about the Tidal caching functionality:

  1. the name of the folder that is created when you enable this, is wrongly written as ‘TidalCash’ while is should be ‘TidalCache’.
  2. Despite having it enabled already for some days, I do not see any content appearing when browsing to this folder. Could it be not working? Is there a way I can check if it is properly caching? Or do I have to do some action before it starts to cache? I assumed it would automatically store everything I played via Tidal but maybe my assumption is wrong?
  3. The idea of ‘ripping’ from Tidal is interesting. I have even a similar software on my laptop that records streams and cuts it into songs, so could this be possible as extension of ‘CD ripping’ (if not already the case)?

Also a remark about the Rose Connect app and volume control. I noticed that via Spotify casting to my RS150 the volume buttons of my mobile phone can be used for volume control, but this is not possible from the Rose Connect app. As a consequence, to change the volume in the Rose Connect app, one must always open the Remote control window first to do so. Could the same behavior as with Spotify Connect be implemented in the Rose Connect app please?

Right now the software is good, quite complete and stable, but of course there are always things to enhance, as you can read above in my suggestions to ROSELOA, the Hifi Rose contact person. So don’t let this hold you back from buying a RS150.

About your remark of the ease of use for other people, are you pointing to multi-room capability, or just being able to select the music on a single RS150 by several people? It looks like multi-room is not possible with a single RS150, but the app supports several RS150s. I only own a single RS150 so I cannot speak from my personal experiences about commanding several RS150s.

Also multiple persons with Rose Connect installed on their phone should be able to command the music of the same RS150. I have it installed on my iPhone and my iPad and it doesn’t matter which one I use. I understand it is an additional app to install if you have already Tidal Connect but it is installed in no time.


@joh , Tidal Connect is not in development. I haven’t decided whether to apply yet. As Rose prefers to use Tidal with Rose Connect, Tidal Connect may not be supported.

@Dopo ,

  1. TIDALCASH > TIDALCACHE, thank you, we will change it.

  2. You will see some kind of strange named file saved in TidalCash(cache) folder if chche works properly.

  3. Tidal ripping is technically possible, but it seems impossible due to copyright issues.

  4. Volume control like Spotify Connect, It is not currently being considered.

  5. Depending on the usage environment, pop noise may occur when the sampling rate changes.
    The function to set the output delay time (mute packet insertion) when the sampling rate is changed in the next version has been added. It is necessary to check whether there is an improvement using the function.


concerning 2. I see nothing in that folder. Maybe Android is looking for the folder TidalCache to write but cannot find it, as the folder is named TidalCash?

Concerning 5. FYI in my case the cracks occur only when my active speakers switch automatically on after my RS150 is already switched on before.

In case I switch first my speakers manually off via their physical ON/OFF switches, then switch on the RS150 and then again my active speakers via the physical switches, I don’t hear a crack.

Hello @Dopo ,

About the noise,

  1. It’s RS150, not RS150B. Is it right?
  2. Does it happen both in XLR output and RCA output?

Hello @ROSELOA ,

I have a RS150B and only the XLRs are connected as my active speakers only have XLR input.
It’s directly XLR to XLR, without RCA-to-XLR conversion, if this is what you would like to know.

Currently no XLR connection is used. The RS150B Toslink out is connected to the Platin Stereo Hub Toslink in, that sends the audio via Wisa to the speakers (wireless). In this configuration there are no cracks or plops, and the amplifiers in the speakers do not disable themselves after awhile on low sound volume. In other words a perfect behavior.



Thank you about your kind explanation.
One of ROSE engineer wants to hear the noise or a video if you don’t mind.
This is a request, and you don’t have to send it if you don’t want it.
He wants to send a replacement PCB board after checking the noise.

Thank you,

Hello @ROSELOA ,

OK, I connected the XLRs again and activated them as output.

I made a short video where I activate my RS150B from standby with the remote, a few seconds later you can hear a click coming from the RS150B (relais for output?), then a few seconds later I deactivate the RS150 with the remote and you hear a big click in the loudspeakers. The loudspeakers have been enabled before I took the video, so their amplifiers were active at the moment of recording.

I must say that the behavior varies, because sometimes the loudspeakers give a little click themselves when the RS150B becomes active (this time it was not the case) and sometimes there is no click at all when you switch off the RS150B. So it is difficult to find a sequence that will always deliver (or not) a click. The only thing that helped, is to deactivate the XLRs and use the Toslink out instead.


I think Tidal implementation in Rose it is not so fantastic and I will explain why I think so. For example, when I listen to the list of favorite songs, which are many, the Rose Tidal Application boils down to a part of these favorite songs, as if the others were not in the list. Try it and you will find that you will only listen to a few of your favorite songs, regardless of whether you listen to them in the order of the list or randomly. Another reason for dissatisfaction would be that if I choose a song, from anywhere, and play it, the Rose Tidal application continues to bring me songs by the same artist, as if to bring me songs similar in terms of musical style. So, the Rose Tidal application is only similar in appearance to the native Tidal application, but not in terms of functionality.