Using the USB output to trigger a 'voltage trigger' on a Panamax

One feature that is missing from this unit is a 12v (or similar) output trigger to control power management of amplifiers etc. I really don’t want to cycle the power amps on/off manually.

My thought is to build a USB to 3.5mm cable to connect from the RS250 USB out to my Panamax trigger in.

Is the power to the USB ports always active (which would negate my intention) or is the power output only active when the unit is turned on?

I have attached an image of my intention.
… or would the other USB serve my purpose better?

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

Bump please - this is a determining factor in my purchasing a unit


Sorry for the late reply.
RS250 does not have trigger in function. It is not possible to connect to the Panamax you have.

Thank you

I appreciate the response but you didn’t answer my question.
I am fully aware that the unit doesn’t have a trigger out.
Please review my question and consult your technical department if necessary.

Thank you.

I found a dirtyish workaround for powering on other equipment when my Rose RS150B is on (might work for RS250 too?). It works like the following:

  • When the Rose is “on”, it opens up TCP port 8192 for some service (I don’t even know what it’s used for)
  • I have a python script running in my server which polls the port 8192 if it’s open or not (running roon server, which is not necessary for this to work)
  • I have an arduino plugged in to the server through USB, which is operated by the python script through USB serial
  • I soldered wires from three arduino pins (gnd/pin10/pin12) to two stereo miniplugs that control the power on/off and lights on/off on my two McIntosh monoblocks. 5V is enough to trigger the Macs, if 12V is needed you need to beef up the voltage.

The code is pretty simple and I agree that the solution is pretty dirty, but it works and I don’t have to do anything else than power on the Rose. The script notices that it’s up and powers the amps. Seems to be working for now at least :smiley:

If anyone is interested in more details, please let me know!

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Thank you for your input!

I won’t be running a server in my set up.

I do like your creativity.

…not sure why I haven’t received an applicable response from the manufacturer tech team.

A bit concerning


I apologize for the late reply.

We did not have a Panamax5400 (power conditioner), so we tested it by connecting it to another power conditioner.
USB AUDIO OUT can be used as a power source only when the power of the RS250 is on.
When the power of RS250 is completely OFF or in Standby mode, it cannot be used as a power source.

Again, I apologize for the late reply.

Thank you

This is great to know.

Thank you!

KISS= keep it simple stupid
So come out of one of the 5v usb’s on the rs150b with a 5v to 12v step up , into a 5.5mm to 3.5mm mono jack , works a treat . KISS
This works on the 150b to

Thank you for your solution!

Thanks for the confirmation and @Itch for bringing the point and @joppie for the solution.

@ROSEHAN, is there a way you can program in a future update that the 5V usb stop sending power on stand by?


Please follow the step below
Rose device–>Settings–>System settings–>USB/SSD Power activation in stanby mode

Thank you

Thanks @ROSEHAN for the response!

Yes, I tried that setting initially but it didn’t work. I tried it again and still not working. The USB power is only going off when the system is shutdown not in stand by.

Based on the instruction on the screen I understand this setting should be in off, but I tried the 3 of them (also “on” and “auto”) just in case. I also rebooted the system.

Is there any other setting I should activate?


@ROSEHAN , any suggestion?



It is correct to use USB/SSD Power activation in standby mode to OFF.

What part do you think that it is not working?

Thank you


Based on the programming and your suggestions when in standby if you activate this option it should stop sending power thru the USB so it disables the trigger per this conversation thread, however the power continues.

It is only disabling the USB power when you do the complete shutdown of the device.

So the option of USB/SSD Power activation in standby mode to OFF seems to not be working.


USB/SSD Power activation in standby mode is OFF, how do you know that the power continues?
Can you please tell me?

Thank you

@ROSEHAN The intention of this particular thread was to look for a solution to use the USB ports as Triggers for an external device (in my case an amp) to overcome the fact that the RS150 doesn’t have that option.

So I followed the guidance on this thread and worked as intended, but when you power off completely the device, not on standby.

Power off = USB power is disabled therefore the trigger shuts down the amps.

Standby Mode = USB power seems to keep turned on since the amps continue on as well


I decided to buy a Niles CS-12v.
It is a fantastic 12v trigger.
Unfortunately they are only available used.

Set up an eBay alert for one.

Hi @Itch , thanks for the suggestion! Looking at the manual it should work on this situation since you can adjust the residual power (stand by) drawn by the RS150.

I did installed the suggestion by @joppie and has worked really well, with this issue that it seems the RS150 continues to send power thru the UOS in standby mode despite turning off the function.

Let’s see if @ROSEHAN can figure out what the issue may be, if not the niles (or a similar one) may be the option.