Vlc and subtitles / chapters

I know, that playing videos is not the primary goal for rose products, but (using vlc):

  • embedded subtitles are shown only a really short time and with a long gap
  • there isn’t any option to handle (goto next/previous …) chapters
  • no option for playing iso files
  • cannot see any description about the sound tracks

By the way: I’m not using HDMI (my RS250 is used only used for headphones with an external headphone amp) for audio output and it seems, that vlc decodes for USB out (not tested the analogue out yet) all audio to PCM, while the standard video player handles it in another way (no sound out of USB for dts/DD?).
Another point: Haven’t installed yet an internal SSD (will do this today), but handles vlc also caching like rosetube?