Where can I get the rs150 in the USA

When I look at your distributors it says Amazon for all of North America, but when I look on Amazon nothing is there.

Hello, Amazon is not available for the time being. For now, please use the SHOP category on the Rose website.

Thank you.

Thank you, can you verify that the rca in could be used with the xlr out as a HT bypass please by switching the volume control on and off?

What is the A/V receiver you want to connect?
I just would like to know your system configuration.
If I help you,

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I have a Yamaha CXA5100 AVP that I run to my Xilica xp4080 (crossover). This then goes to my DIY Icepower amps which then go to my biamped horns.I set it all up with Dirac. I would like to use the rs150 for my LG fp apps, and Roon and Tidal…when I run in stereo. When I am using all my channels with the CXA5100…I want the audio to pass through the rs150 by using thr RCA inputs and use the XLRs to go to the Icepower amps just like when the RS150 does for digital.

Thank you for the kind system explanation.
RS150 converts line input to I2S through ADC and outputs through DAC again. The processing from analog input to output takes place within about 200ms.
We are sorry that the HT bypass you want is not supported.

So I could not just use the rca inputs on the rs150 for audio from my yamaha, and select no volume control on the rs150 when I want to play sources from the Yamaha? Then when I want to just play stereo…just select a source on the rs150 and select volume control on?

When will the RS150 be back in stock?

Hello, @rickcfer
I think it will take about a month. The schedule may change slightly depending on the situation.

I live in the U.S. and purchased my RS-150 from Music Direct. They are a large online store which has been around for some time and offer good customer service, advice and a wide range of products with fast shipping and most items are in stock, although they keep selling out of the HiFi Rose products.

Got mine through Crutchfield.

I got mine thru Music Direct, but, as mentioned, Crutchfield also carries Rose Products and so does Audio Advisor, which I have used for other purchases. They had not started carrying Rose Products when I ordered mine from Music Direct, but now do.

Any thoughts on the customer service of headphones.com or audio advice (not advisor)? They offer affirm financing, which I plan to use, which is not the case with Music Direct or Crutchfield.


got mine from upscaleaudio.com