Why delay with Optical from Apple TV>1080 TV?

Have a perplexing annoyance with the optical IN feature of my Rose 150b. When i use the optical out of my HDMI connected Apple TV from my 1080 TV to the Rose 150b, there is a considerable delay of the audio signal compared to the video…around a second or two. Cannot watch any content on my Apple TV through my Rose 150b. Any idea on how to correct this or why the delay?

Apple TV > HDMI > 1080p TV > optical > Rose 150 > power amp > speakers



May I know what happens after factory reset?
Rose device–>Settings–>System Settings–>Factory reset

Thank you

Factory Reset complete but delay is still rather significant (1 - 1.5 seconds)

@ROSELOA Upon further testing, I don’t believe the 150b is at fault.

I took the optical out to another new Parasound Halo P6 pre-amplifier and there was no signal at all from this Apple TV > LG 1080 television.

However, when I connect a Chomecast HDMI device > LG 1080 Television > Rose 150b > Parasound P6 pre-amp > Schiit Aegir poweramps > speakers, and stream content there is no appreciable delay.

Same thing with this signal path:

Chomecast HDMI device > LG 1080 Television > Parasound P6 pre-amp > Schiit Aegir powersmps > speakers

So, I would conclude that the older LG 1080p television either cannot process this older optical signal from the Apple TV and convert it efficiently enough for the Rose 150b to pass it to the pre-amp/power amps…and in the Halo P6, it isn’t even present.

I believe, if I get a more modern Television (with eARC output > Rose) I will be served an in sync signal from the Apple TV HDMI device.

What do you think?

Hello i have the same issue with my rs250.
I have plug my Samsung tv in the rs250 via optical.
I can hear a little lag in sounds vs the image.
I never feel this with my old Dac
Any solution?


What’s the model name of the Samsung TV?

Hello the model is Samsung QN55Q60AAFX


  1. What did you play? ex) Netflix in TV APP?
  2. Does it happen to every video that you watch?
  3. How much delay is it? ex) Audio is about 3 seconds slower than video?
  4. Does it happen every time you play? Or maybe sometimes, no lag?
  5. In TV settings, do you use OPTICAL OUT and TV SPEAKER OUT at the same time?
  6. In TV settings, is the output in PCM?

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Hello it’s happen every time is used my tv. The lag is maybe, half second.
And it’s on every signal. Thanks
I use only the sound from the rs250, but if use the sound of the tv at the same time, we can hear the lag easily between both.

I have the exact same problem happens with Netflix or TV the delay is maybe a second. I’m using the optical in to an RS250 with a USB out to my amp Burson Timekeeper3i

UPDATE: We got a new Sony OLED TV and integration with Rose 150b is much better, latency-wise. We use both optical in as well as eARC inputs to good experience