Wifi will not stay connected nor will it reconnnect, just says saved!

Had no issues till today. This is a high-maintenance machine.

rebotted many time,
deleted and readded the network
unplugged machine for 5 mins
and it now connects for 30 to 45 seconds at a time
restared router twice


To give you an accurate answer, I want to ask you a few questions.
If Rose device is displayed as Saved when connected to Wi-Fi, it is not connected.
When it says Connected, the connection is established.

  1. What model of Hi-Fi Rose device are you using?
  2. If you are using RS150 or RS520, is there a USB dongle connected to the back of the device?
  3. How far is the Rose device from the router?
  4. Is there a wall or door between the Rose device and the router?

Thank you

Dear Rose, why can’t I put on my RS150p on with my iPad our my remote control.
I can shut it down with my remote or iPad but I can’t put it back on again , only on the machine itself. Very annoying.
Where can I find a full manual for the rose RS 150p .
thank you very much.
Frank vantvelt

was away for a few weeks, and got the same home problem. I have a 250 and it worked fine up until 3 weeks ago.

It will not stay on Wifi. I delete the network and reloaded. Nothing, I unplug everything in the house. Nothing. I use my other wifi network, but nothing.

Please advise


Please answer the questions below.

  1. When the Wi-Fi is connected and then disconnected, does the Wi-Fi change from ON to OFF? Or is it disconnecting in the Connected state?

  2. Are many devices connected to the connected Wi-Fi?

  3. Try Rose device–>Settings–>System settings–>Factory reset.

Thank you

no it does not, the wifi is on and it sees the network and other networks. I will factory reset when I am home next, I travel often for long periods so it will not be until next year,

Will I lose all data?


Music sources that have been scanned from the external hard drive or recently played music sources are deleted.
If you signed up for a Rose account and use it, information such as MyPlaylist remains in that account.

Thank you