Will Podcast ever get an daily update?

@ROSELOA Could you please fix the podcast updates?
Just tested it today 02/27/2022 with the New York Times Daily ! podcast and the newest shown is from LAST Year :frowning:
The Podcast function is in current state total useless

@in_04 The podcast problem at Hifi Rose is known to me.
You can continue to wait for a solution from Hifi Rose.
it also depends on the possibilities of other providers,
As a solution I went looking for providers of podcasts with
different offers.

  1. Provider with limited capabilities.
    can only be listened to via web, windows, mac, android.
    Some provide an up to date and limited time.

  2. provider with more options.

  • up to date
  • longer shelf life, even for several years.
  • downloadable as mp3 files. Can then be listened to at an appropriate moment.
    As an example for your problem with the New York Times Daily, I suggest you go to the podtail.com website.

Opera Momentopname_2022-03-01_203448_new.podtail.com-keuzes

You can choose
listen later
Marked as played
Download (as mp3 file)
Go to the podcast

This site has already helped me a lot.

It seems the update worked right now. Last several day the podcast was up to date.