YouTube Video knackt

Hallo zusammen, ich habe seit ca. 1 Jahr einen RS 520 und bin soweit auch zufrieden.
Ich höre, und schaue mir gerne Musikvideos auf YouTube an. Mir ist aufgefallen dass ich immer Knackgeräusche im Hintergrund habe wenn ich diese abspiele.
Meine Frage an die Besitzer eines RS 520, ist dass nur bei mir so?, oder ist das bei euch auch so.
Vielen Dank für eure Antworten.

Dear friend, I understand it’s easiest to speak your native language. However, this is an international forum. It would be helpful to all of us to post your query in English. This widens your audience, but also increases the chance for other people to offer assistance.

Leider kann ich in diesen nicht behilflich sein.


I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly.

Please answer a few questions.

  1. You said YouTube, but RS520 does not have YouTube and supports Rosetube. Did you play Rosetube on RS520? Or did you connect RS520 and your cell phone via Bluetooth and play YouTube on your cell phone?
  2. You said that noise occurs when playing Rosetube or YouTube. Do other streaming apps also produce noise? For example radio, Tidal, Qobuz etc.
  3. If it is possible to film a video related to the symptom, please send the video to the email address below.

Hello, I have sent an Rs 520 to audioNEXT GmbH in Germany, which is the distributor of Rose HiFi devices in Germany.
The reason is the crackling noises I hear when I watch music videos via Rosetube.
The device was sent back to me with the statement that these cracking noises also occur with other
Rs 520 devices and that this is not a hardware problem but a firmware problem.
Can you please let me know if you are going to do anything about this.
Thank you very much.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please answer a few questions.

  1. Does cracking noise only appear when playing a video on Rosetube?
    Does cracking noise not appear on other music streaming apps such as Radio, Tidal, Qobuz, etc.?
  2. Does cracking noise occur in both speakers? Or does it only happen on one specific channel?
  3. If it only happens on one channel, please change the left and right channels and let me know what happens after connecting.

Hello, the issue occurs primarily on Rosetube and not with all videos.
I also have videos on my hard drive. When I play them, I experience crackling sounds, affecting playback even with Qobuz and music from the hard drive.
The crackling is present in both channels.

I would like to mention again that the company Audionext was able to hear the same problem with another Rose Rs 520. Audionext informed me that it is not a hardware issue but a software problem.

Hello, I would like to inquire again about the status of my Rose RS 520. As previously mentioned, I sent the device to Audio NEXT GmbH in Germany, the distributor of Rose HiFi devices in Germany. The device was returned with the explanation that it is a firmware problem and not a hardware issue. However, this has not resolved the issue, as I still experience crackling noises when playing videos. Therefore, I kindly ask you to inform me how you can assist further. I want to emphasize that videos streamed from my phone to the RS 520 play flawlessly. The device was purchased on January 15, 2023, and is not exactly inexpensive.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

This problem may be a hardware issue.
Please take a video of the cracking noise and send it to me via email below.

I need to watch the video to see what the cracking noise sounds like.

I wonder what this noise is. Timing issues?

Ich habe gemerkt das es öfters synchron Probleme gibt. Dann klingt es wie eine Roboter Stimme. Einmal pausieren und Wiederverfassen behebt immer daß Problem. Das heißt nicht dass es gut ist aber es erhebt die Störung.
Ich habe das mit meinem rs250 mit optical Eingang von YouTube von meinem Android TV. Von Rosetube bin ich mir nicht sicher. Weil die Lösung so einfach ist und es fast reflexmäßig geht. Es könnte mein TV sein. Oder Fernseher heißt so’n Ding.

Also; was heißt ‘knacken’?


I don’t speak German and I used a translator, but it translated strangely.

Please take a video and send it to the email address below.

It’s a sync error that happens every so often. It’s hard to catch with a recording. Sometimes it’s like the sound is doubled, mostly it’s like a loud agressive robotic voice when someone is talking. Pausing and resuming fixes the issue. I’m trying to locate where the problem comes from. So far I only noticed it while watching YouTube on my Android tv> optical out>Rose 250>Denafrips DAC. But also watching Rosetube>Denafrips DAC but less pronounced.

I still haven’t located the problem to the RS250, it could still be the Denafrips. Or a cable. Now I’m using the internal Rose dac to see if it happens also. That’s why I only asked on elaboration of this topic starters ‘knacken’ which means popping or cracking. To see if it’s like my problem, if it’s just me or someone else has the same problem to try to locate it before I blame or ask the wrong person.