Advice requested: RME ADI2DAC vs 150b DAC

I was wondering if someone can opine on how the RME ADI2 DAC stacks up against the 150b? I currently stream Qobuz through the RME to a McIntosh integrated amp.

Is it worth keeping the RME as a DAC and using the 150 only as a streamer? It is most likely a bit much, but I am a sucker for the lovely display of the 150 and album art / covers is important for me - kind of how folks love vinyl for the album art.

Much appreciated in advance.


Hi, I have the RME dac. I already had it before buying the Rose 150b. I kept it because it has many features that interest me and that the 150b doesn’t have, such as tone control, loudness, equalizer, etc. The RME is the version with Akm 4493 dac. Sonically it is very good combined with the 150b as a player. However, there are no significant differences in terms of quality. Comparing the two converters, we can say that they have a different musical timbre.
For me both devices are worth using, both the Rose and the RME have some great features that make them one of a kind. Furthermore, given the different sonic setting detected, they can best adapt according to personal tastes regarding the musical genre to be reproduced, which can be very useful.
The rest of the system consists of Mark Levinson pre+power and Martin Logan speakers.
If you need more info, I’ll try to answer. Good music.

PS.Furthermore, both Rose and RME enjoy continuous updates from the manufacturer and a dedicated forum that is always available to provide help to users of these devices. This is absolutely a commendable factor and one that very few products in the world have.

Thank you! Very insightful. Can I ask how you have setup your Rose and the RME? How are they connected?

Hi, the physical analog connections to the preamp for both the Rose and RME are balanced. The digital connection of the Rose to the RME dac is USB.
For the output level, I advise you to adopt the one that electrically fits best to the inputs of your amplifier taking into account the input sensitivity. The efficiency of your speakers should also be taken into account, so look for the optimal adjustment in order to obtain a homogeneous and equal level between the two connected devices so as to obtain a very similar (if not perfectly equal) volume Fortunately both Rose and RME allow adjustment of the output volume (among other things very large and accurate)
Even for digital filters (FIR) a world opens up, different from each other and different between AKM and Saber dacs. To experience and have fun; for personal taste and best suited to your setup. Greetings

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