Album cover display problem

On day 2 usage of my new RS250, I found almost all album covers, including those in Music and Roon playback screen, were gone in ROSE connect apps on my Android phone, iPad and MacBook. The only thing showed album covers was the Qobuz app. I tried deleting database and rescan, uninstalling and reinstalling the apps, restarting RS250, none of them worked…Album covers are showing just fine on the screen of RS250 tho. Please help! @ROSELOA

Just want to add that there wasn’t even a picture of Rose logo in the playback screen (native Music app or Roon, except Qobuz which shows covers correctly), only a totally black image. When I touched the image it enlarged to a slight bigger black image (where it was supposed to show a full size cover image).

Album covers showed on my Android phone just fine when I just got my RS250. I was quite surprised to see the ROSE connect app correctly indicated what I was playing in Roon. Not sure what I did wrong later to make the album covers disappear. Only thing I can think of is I tried iPad version of the app which didn’t display any album covers …I think maybe multiple versions of Rose connect app running at the same time caused the problem. Hope this will help ROSE dev team release a fix soon @ROSELOA
Not a dealbreaker as I almost exclusively use Roon. But I was hoping I could ditch Roon for the native music app in my RS250…


I’m sorry to tell that we’ve problem with album cover on RoseConnect.
For now, error with the album cover issue will be improved on next update, which will be around the end of November.

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Thanks! It’s really a great app and I enjoy using it.

A few album covers were display in ROSE connect after a factory reset. Hope the upcoming update will fix the rest.

Just received a notice of Rose 4.0 firmware update. Updating now :smiley:
Hopefully this update will solve my problem!

@admin @ROSELOA The 4.0 update still hasn’t fix album cover display problem. Again, album covers show up on main screen OK, but do not show in Music/Album page of Android app. The only improvement so far is album covers now show in “recently played” and “recently played track” of “Home” page. Please advise. Thanks!

Hello, Tomwoo.
Please see the this link. I hope your problem can be solved with this.

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Hi @Sean, it worked like a charm! Thanks!
I wish you saw my post one month earlier :sweat_smile:
Maybe you could make DLNA an essential service that cannot be turned off.

Happy to hear your problem is solved.
Yes. We will consider to change this logic later.

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