Albumcover on display

I choose Tidal and look for a song. The menu still shows the different apps on the main menu? I have to either go to the device and press the heading at the top left or use the remote control. Shouldn’t the album cover come up automatically ??

It depends on the settings of how to play the tracks. “Empty queue and add music” is one of the settings that should solve your problem.

Hello @Nurken

Currently, there is no settings for the album cover to appear automatically when you select a song to play.

Thank you.

Hello @Wideglide

About “Empty queue and add music" function, we will keep work on it.
Many people are having defficulty using Queue function. If you are also not used to using the Queue please follow the link below:
How to use Queue and Playlist - User Tips / How to - HiFi ROSE (

Thank you