Frustrated by inconsistent Rose handheld remote navigation

I have an issue with the Rose 150 remote. I don’t understand why I can’t use it to freely navigate some of the on-screen buttons on the Rose itself. i.e. previous song, next song, etc. It skips to a few of the on-screen controls like stop/play but why not just make it click-click to each and every icon on the on-screen display. Otherwise, I have to walk to the Rose and touch screen where I want to go…Seems like an easy fix, no?


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I noticed the same problem. The remote that comes with the rs150 is pretty much useless piece of plastic.

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@ROSELOA Can you offer some update? Would it be possible to have dev team simply include more navigation points from Remote to Device, in some of these areas?



Remote does not stay connected to rs 150. Have to manually tell it to work with rs 150 on each use. And it takes half a dozen or more tries to get it to connect if it reconnects at all.

When it is connected it is spurious and non responsive most of the time. It also will not do what I push on the buttons. If it does it exhibits much lag that is frustrating to the point it is a waste of time to use.

Useless piece of plastic. As much as the rs150 costs all bugs should have been ironed out before release. It also should not be cheap plastic for a $5k high end device it should be a metal remote control. All of my high end gear have durable metal remote controls. Even a base model $150 appleTV has a high quality metal remote.

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@ROSELOA #second request for dev team update on navigation with Remote, please

I’ve spent a bit more time trying to understand why this remote barely connects and when it does actually connect why there is so much lag/delay in the button pushed and the command taking place.

I have tried different types of batteries from regular alkaline to trying both Duracell and Energizer brand. Even tried expensive lithium camera batteries of the same size thinking possibly the output voltage is insufficient. All in successful and produce exact same result. The remote is not adequately programmed and does not stay connected to the 150B. It’s useless piece of plastic and so far had wasted probably close to a total of three hours of my time troubleshooting it.

It’s almost as if the chips inside the remote were not even programmed appropriately before the 150B was shipped. Or they are of extremely low quality. Which I am guessing is the case since this remote feels very poorly constructed plastic all the way around. Unbelievable an ultra high end expensive 150B comes with a remote of far less quality than an Amazon fire TV. I mean even the Apple TV comes with a high quality metal remote control.

This is shameful of Hifi Rose trying to make a name for itself in the high end audio market. Not what I would have expected.

Hifi Rose should correct this issue and manufacture a working quality remote in a solid quality metal case with working buttons that stays permanently attached to its 150B and ship it free to ALL of the paying customers as a compensatory replacement.

This is the only way I can see this disgrace properly corrected.


I would even pay for it, no problem.

But give us fitting quality please.


Remote control with a tablet or cell phone and the rose premium connect software is much easier and more convenient. The included remote control is not really necessary. Try it, you will be amazed.

Easier? Not. Unlocking the phone and scrolling to the app and opening for pauze or volume is not part of operating a luxury device.


My remote control doesn’t work at all, apart from flashing red light occasionally.


Really disappointed with this purchase. Whoever designed this cheap plastic nonfunctional remote control for the RS150 should correct this.

Hifi Rose please either fix this and reissue a durable working remote control or send me a $200 refund.

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One more frustrated customer. I installed the 150B last night, paired the remote - not the easiest of tasks, btw, and this morning, back to square one. Remote not working. I didn’t even bother trying to re-pair it with the unit.

Rose staff: Please heed the words of your frustrated customers. You have a great product, but these kinds of glaring shortcomings won’t take you to the next level (of high-end audio). Hell, even my 5+ year old, tiny Amazon Fire remote works perfectly well - even after years of use and the abuse inflicted by my two-year old, who treats it as her toy! lol I recently bought a $10 remote (made in China) to work with my 2005 Sony Bravia TV and that thing is more impressive than this useless piece of crap (read remote control) shipped with a $5000+ unit!!! Who uses BT for remote, for christ’s sake!!!

Such an expensive piece of gear deserves better quality and service. Please find a solution asap.

Yours sincerely,
A frustrated customer…


Bluetooth remotes for standalone products are not really bad.
I’m using also a Naim Unity Atom HE and here the bluetooth remote is working without problems and is settled more classes above.
But the bluetooth implementation (also in using audio input through bluetooth) from Rose is far away from perfect.

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@burki @pramitmitra

We apologize for any inconvenience caused during use.

We recognize that the BT side is not perfect. We will continue to improve the problem. There were a lot of complaints when using the BT remote control, so we made an IR remote control.

The IR remote control will be delivered to distributors in each country at a later date.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience during use.

Thank you

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Will IR be made available for RS250 also as BT is a problem I have raised a few times in the past. Do we know the cost​:man_shrugging:t2:or is this a free replacement :crossed_fingers:

Glad to hear! Is there an ETA for release date?

thanks so much for this…

Yeah, remote 100% bad. Very bad for a price you pand for 150B.

So the new remote… wil it be for free or what will the price be?

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Any date for new Remote to be with distributors as current BT is still very poor especially with Qubuz.

@Tom_one @Mingle

We can’t afford a stock of new remotes.
Distributors in each country also have few for repair, not for sale.
If you have a problem with the remote control, contact the distributor in the country where you purchased it and tell them about the symptoms of the remote control and get a response.

Thank you