How do I add internet radio channel?

How do I add internet radio channel?


  1. Clicking the radio menu in the home menu widget moves to the radio main screen.
    You can enjoy Internet radio provided by ROSE.
    ※ Radio channels may be changed, added, or deleted without prior notice depending on the manufacturer’s circumstances.

  2. You will see (+) button on the top. Click it.

  3. Enter the channel name and channel URL to add the radio channel.
    (※ If the address is not valid in the form of mms:// or http://, it will not be added)
    (like this → [
    (Some internet stations do not open their internet radio channel address)

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Unfortunately it seems to accept my new url however the radiostation is not added to the list

Hello @Pvoverbeeke ,

Check if the channel you added is here.

Rose device > Radio > User Channel

Sees the cover, but does not connect, is there a way to solve the problem.?

Snap I’m having the same issues too.

This Rose isn’t user friendly.

A huge request to the developers! Can stations be added?

I totally agree with Denis or give us Tune In Radio like a normal streamer.


This function is pretty important to me too. So I’m bumping this up to the top and hope others will respond to this thread.

This and having Tidal Connect to be implemented in a software release.


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Hello @Denis , @myearwood173 and @DAJ

We are looking for RADIO APPs like TUNE IN for IN-APP.
However, it is a problem that takes some time. Until then, please let me know which radio channel you’re having trouble with.

Please let me know the homepage for the radio stations or the name of radio.
(Homepage is better because there are radio stations with same name in other countries.

Thanks for getting back to us here is my list:

Regards Thanks Matt. :wink:

Thank you!

Hello Rose crew, Is it possible to add some Finnish radio stations as well. For example the following:

Best Regards, Otso

Thanks a lot! I hope I can add it!

Everything is fine! the absolute Chillout station is working !!!

I have read your message about internet radio stations.

I also had this problem, but I did not wait for an answer from Hifi Rose.

As a solution I use the program RarmaRadio

Thanks to this program I was able to choose my missing radio stations.
Only there is still the problem of transfer to HiFi Rose.
Every radio station has to be transferred manually.
I can make a data file and then send it to Hifi Rose community and ask to have them all imported.

Also refer to this website.

I recommend

Yours sincerely


Good day! can you please add a radio