Missing Cover picture

Hi there,

After update the firmware, all the cover picture is gone. And it has been awhile, when can Rose tackle this bug? Thank you…

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Album cover all lost
Is this what’s hapened to you?
Or somethiing different?

yea… same problem.

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Yes…same problem too!

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no matter on iPad or on 201

happen after update firmware

Hello @sammy02hk , @Allan ,

We checked the error and it will be improved on next update.
Next update will be in October, I’m sorry about the error.

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Thank you for your follow up. Rose is a streaming transport and aim at providing a better file management experience. it is very difficult to find the album by looking @the name rather than a album cover among the database.
As Rose already fixed the error, could u consider send out a small patch to fix it first.
Thank you.

I can’t stand this kind of error. As better file management is the reason I bought Rose. Please consider my suggestion. Thank you.

Good! Thanks for the notification!


Same poblem and other. Example, search “skid row”, result (Android App Version 3.8 an iOS Version 3.04.27):

Desktop App Rose Connect 3.8.2 the serach result is right:

Often the artist is found but under “album” is nothing displayed

Rose factory reset, DB deleted and completely new Scan… nothing helps

Hello @MuP ,

On the first screenshot that you uploaded,
Do you have the same result every time you search?

Also, we have 3.8.7 version for PC.

Thank you,

Yes, just checked again on iOS and Android.

Hello @MuP ,

Sorry about the problem you had.
I will pass it on to the development team and fix it.
Thank you for your report.

Its already November. Whats the status of next update. Thank you.


🤦🏻I think I have to withhold my purchase until all App problems are resolved.

ys. u should, as it is just a Fundamental function. And I have already waited the update from September.

Has the problem been fixed?