Place to upload pictures of our systems

I always get a kick from seeing other systems (like Steve Gutenberg’s Viewer System of the Day on his YouTube channel). Wonder if Rose might add a Rose Users’ Systems page to this site?

Hello @Pesto_Sauce

It seems difficult to add that page to RoseTube.

You can add videos you want to watch or listen to by adding them to My Playlists.

Thank you

That’s not at all what I suggested/asked.

After uploading a picture of a Windows Defender pop up telling me I could not install Rose software, I though to myself how cool it would be if there was a place on these forums where Rose owners could upload pics of their systems so others could see. Not videos. My own system is very modest and constantly changing, but I might post some pics of it on here to share with others.


Someone did do this a while back and there are some cool snaps there. Check here: Show us your Hifi Rose setup - #40 by gauchocat

Thanks. I was thinking of Roon’s site where they have a place for members to upload pics of their systems. I’ll paste a link to it below (not my system). Sure would be nice if such a place was set up on these forums.

You want a picture?

This is my setup. Made it myself (the bamboo)
Vinyl is only handstash.