Ra250 showing unknown when ripping iron maiden cds

Hi first post , I’ve read other posts about attempted cd ripping showing as unknown and the reply from hifi rose being , it must be an album that isn’t in the data base but I have ripped some pretty obscure cds with no problem yet I have a few iron maiden albums that are showing as unknown , number of the beast , fear of the dark , somewhere in time and no prayer for the dying ? These are very well known albums so I am left confused with the not in our data base explanation , any one else having problems ,mark

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Hey Mark, would your Iron Maiden CD be perhaps an ‘hybrid’ CD? (= a CD that contains - alongside the music tracks on the album - also a bonus video, an interview or another file added at the end)

Hi alessandro , thank you for the reply , yes they are indeed multimedia enhanced cd remasters , is there a way around this , I remember having problems with I tunes until you manually rip the cd and untick the bonus material , thank you again alessandro

Hey Mark, I thought there was a possibility that this was the case. Rose doesn’t like these type of CDs and - at best - it shows them as ‘unknown’ - at worst, the system freezes, shuts down and reboots itself.

I have ripped hundreds of CDs and there are also other issues/Rose errors related to the CD ripping process - the most disconcerting of all is albums been saved split in two parts when there are certain characters and apostrophes in the artist name or album titles. And, believe me, that’s a real pain to see on your music library.

I have reported all these on this forum throughout the last 9 months so Rose Hifi are perfectly aware of all these errors and are equipped with all the info (in detail) about all these issues but I don’t know when these will be fixed.

Until then (and who knows when…), I suggest you rip your multimedia enhanced CDs on your PC/Mac and then transfer them to the Rose. That’s what I have done with a large number of CDs that the Rose could not rip. Not ideal and not expected from such an expensive hifi product, but there you have it.

The hardware provides superior sound quality, but the software and OS were launched without thorough/exhaustive testing and - as many posts on this forum suggest - there are a number of issues yet to be solved/fixed.

Most of the (loyal) users on this community act as Beta Testers, feeding all these errors and user experience events to the people at Rose.

After that, I have no idea how - as a business - they are actually organised/set up and - most importantly - staffed to really tackle all of this.

Those representing Rose on this forum are kind and always apologetic but - actually - all we can do is hope that - at some point - they will ‘walk the talk’ and put much needed resources on the many aspects of the software and user experience that need fixing.

Hi alessandro, thanks again for the reply , your spot on I’m glad you pointed this out , I’m not sure how I can rip a cd to my Mac and then get the rose to access it to add it to my library , when I first got the rose I ripped some cds to a pen drive which the rose recognised and made a data base based on these cds I’ve since bought a 4tb ssd installed it and started from scratch with a library ripping cds so I’m not sure how to mix in cds that are from another source ie my Mac , essentially it’ll be iTunes but I’ll figure it out many thanks for pointing me in the right direction it’s appreciated, mark

Hey Mark, I’m afraid that - given the problems I have encountered - a bit of DIY is needed here. I used a software called XLD to rip all the CDs the Rose would - for a reason or another - not be capable of ripping. With XLD you can rip your CDs to produce FLAC/lossless files. It’s a Mac friendly (free) software.

I then followed the instructions I’m pasting below to transfer the ripped FLAC files onto the SSD I have installed inside the Rose (like yourself, I got a 4TB one). Once you connect Rose and your Mac on the same network you’re using, you will be able to see the ‘RoseDisk’ directory on your Mac and it’s very simple to just drag your saved FLAC files and drop them onto the RoseDisk directory. Of course, at the end of this process, you need to scan all your Database, but - once that is done - you’re good.

Careful if any of your CDs feature apostrophes, letters with accents (eg: à, á, â, ä, ã, etc…) in artist, album or song name as not only you will get weird stuff saved as a result but - most bewildering - your CD albums are most likely to end up been saved in two parts and that’s - believe me - is not only heartbreaking when it happens, but also a real drag to live with afterwards. One of the main problems is that files saved to the SSD inside the Rose cannot be deleted so - once the damage is done - you’re kind of stuck with it… I’ve posted a few messages with screenshots showing these horrors on this forum in the ‘CD playing & Ripping’ sub directory here and - as written before - can only trust that these will be - eventually - fixed. One day.

Hope this helps as you get on with more CD ripping.

Hi alessandro, you are a star, thank you so much, I will give that a try , I too have multiple split albums because of apostrophes etc but on the whole the rose has transformed the way I store , listen to music , I was using Roon on a Mac mini through a Cambridge dac before I purchased my r/s 250 , it’s been a revelation, fabulous piece of kit , a few teething problems , a few ripped cds have disappeared, I know I ripped them but they aren’t in my library , no idea where they have gone but I couldn’t be happier all in all, it’s great to have such good support too so thank you and hopefully I can help someone someday I am grateful for your time and effort alessandro, mark