[Rose Platform 4.0] [OTA] SW Ver 4.0(Rose 4.0.05) OTA Release

Update date: 2021/11/30 (Tue) PM 02:00 (GMT +9)

  • How to update: Settings → System information → Click “Update” and update the system
  • Updated version: Ver 4.0 (Rose OS 4.0.05)
  • RoseConnect Premium for Android: Ver
  • Applicable models: RS150/RS250/RS201
  • Notification:
  1. After initializing the media library DB, please scan again and use it.
  2. For more information, please refer to the Rose website and cafe.
  • Update contents:
  1. Integrated management of stored sound sources and streaming services
    Rose Platform 4.0 provides the integrated management of various streaming services (Music, RoseTube, Tidal, Qobuz, Bugs)
    A. Added integrated home menu
    You can browse the user’s recent activities, My/Friend Playlist, and Rose’s recommended playlist on one screen.
    B. Added integrated search function
    The results for the search word are displayed after searching simultaneously in Music/Rose Tube/Tidal/Qobuz/Bugs.
    C. Added integrated playlist function
    You can put songs of the media type you are using in the playlist at the same time (up to 3000).
    D. Integrated Playlist
    You can save songs from various streaming services in a playlist at the same time, and you can open all the songs to your friends or Rose users by setting the privacy settings of your playlist.

  2. Provide more intuitive and more information on album, track, and playback screens
    From Rose Platform 4.0, the album, track, and playback screens are improved to be more intuitive and provided more information.

  3. Volume offset setting for each source
    In Rose Platform 4.0, you can set the volume OFFSET (-10dB ~ 0dB) for each source. (RS150/RS250)

  4. Digital output volume control with DSP developed by Rose
    Rose Platform 4.0 provides digital volume control using software.

  5. Favorite
    Track, Album, and Playlist can be easily registered and managed in the favorite list, and the number of hearts can be displayed from 1 to 3 according to your preference.

  6. User Picks
    You can share various playlists that you’ve created with Rose users, listen to your friend’s playlist and ‘like’ them.

  7. Improved the song cutoff when resetting audio device due to format change, etc.
    If the audio format is changed, you can set the delay time until DAC is set. (PCM/DSD delay time default: 100ms)

  8. Improved the Media Scanning
    Media scanning time has been improved in Rose Platform 4.0.

  9. Supported Shazam on the radio
    If you are listening to the radio and want to know about song information, you can search for sound source information using Apple’s Shazam by clicking Search.

  • Cautions -
  1. Do not turn off the power during SW update.

Hi there,

This is an exciting news!

There are no stability related updates? Freezes will continue to occur?

Just some points after first view:

  • Update finished after only some minutes with no faults, all user settings retained
  • Capacity display of the SSD is very good
  • Media scanning seems to be much faster now
  • Additional information on playback screen looks good
  • Playlist within the app can not be edited any more and shows only one track
  • Continued missing cover art on the device’s screen - but all showed in the App

When will you update RoseConnect Premium for IOS to Ver

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When can we expect the PC Version to be upgraded to V4.0?

Just updated and performed media scanning, which still took hours (I have currently about 800GB of music on the internal SSD).

Unfortunately no improvement on the way the Rose software handles FLAC file information (with no distinction between files ripped on the Rose and/or files ripped carefully/correctly elsewhere and then transferred to RoseDisk), so a good chunk of my music collection still appears full of errors and - even - some albums have been saved as split in two parts…!

This happens more often when there’s a hyphen/accent/symbol/different character in either album/artist/song info.

It’s a minefield, so - until Rose will hopefully fix this as well as allowing Rose customers to edit/delete files - I will have to stop ripping CDs or transfer files to SSD as I am rather tired and annoyed with errors that keep showing up.

It’s a shame as the music sounds so good.

That’s very annoying, I can understand your disappointment. I’ll try media scanning again to verify my statement.

@admin @ROSELOA My RS250 couldn’t download the update (the status bar went to ~10% then went back to 0% again). Is “release.roseaudio.kr:2300” the correct OTA URL? Please provide Google Drive link for manual update. Thanks!

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Still one hour to scan 6.000 tracks :slightly_frowning_face:

The same for me.
@ROSELOA , any way to download update file on PC and flash it to the RS150?

I’ve downloaded the new update for the RS250. I have no internal storage to use, so it installed quite quickly.

Two things:

  1. The email telling me that there was an update (on the RS250) was in Korean.
  2. The volume increase button for the inputs or service (example would be Opt/Coax or Tidal) does not work. I increased it to its highest setting and the sound level was the same.

Firmware files were provided thru Google Drive for last update ([RS150/RS201/RS250] [OTA] SW Ver 3.8(Rose 3.8.11) OTA Release)
I guess we just have to wait patiently :smiley:

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If is any consolation, I have had no issue with installing 4.0 on my RS150.

One thing I noticed and which I was pretty fond of is the time/clock been displayed on the top left hand side corner of the unit front panel display (as seen from this image shared by Rose, which shows 02:26 AM).

After 4.0 had been installed, this has now disappeared. Please bring back?

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OTA update finally worked after several attempts :+1:

Finally done with cell phone connection sharing.
For information, OTA update does not handle wifi/adsl errors and restart from the beginning each time one occurs. As cell phones have errors corrections on 4G/5G, shared wifi is more stable.

I don’t think that’s the problem because I use wired ethernet. Perhaps their server had some issues which were resolved now.

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Hello @alessandro ,

I checked your issue with strange alphabets, and could find something is wrong.

When Spanish alphabets are in Album name or artists, strange symbols appeared.

I really wanted to include it in this update, but I couldn’t put it in this patch because of various languages and symbols. Also working on other issues as well. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Hello @luxury_scruff ,

  1. Would you let me know your ROSE ID?
    (RS250 > Settings > ROSE ID)
  2. Would you let me know where’s your region?
  3. Would you check if Pre-out level setting is ‘ON’?
    (RS250 > IN/OUT Setting > menu on OUTPUT setting > Preout level setting)

Unable to download 4.0 update on Rose rs150b.