RS-520 Spotify equalizer workaround via TV

Hi all, Hifi Rose RS.520 and Spotify are not friends when comes to equalizer and delay VUmeters. If I start Spotify-app on my LG Oled, sent to Rose as eArc-signal, then you can use equaliser/no delay VU


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When using Spotify on RS520, VU should be used even though EQ does not work. Is VU not working on the RS520 screen?

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VU is working, but has delay. To avoid this delay I stream Spotify from TV to RS520 - not the internal app.


Today I had a test session with the RS520, I did not purchase the device because of the Spotify limitations mentioned in this thread.

Tidal and external sources do not have this issue as also mentioned but unfortunate my household is using Spotify as well.

Using it through external devices would not justify a purchase of the RS520 as its main function is claiming to be a streaming multiplayer.

I’m still aiming to buy it if there will be a fix for this issue. Is it scheduled to be fixed or is the architecture of the device not supporting it in general?



Currently, there is a symptom of out of sync when using Spotify. This symptom will be corrected.


Any idea when and in which version?
And does that include fix for EQ settings as well?

Hello @MvL

I’m sorry to tell you that Spotify Connect does not support the equalizer function.

Thank you

Does the EQ limit on Spotify Connect only occur on the RS520? Because I have a RS250, and EQ and Spotify Connect work together fine on this one.

I’m asking because I am thinking of changing out my RS250A with a RS520.

Very interesting… This is not logical, must be something hidden.


For all Hi-Fi Rose devices, the EQ function cannot be used when using Spotify. I think you are misunderstanding something.

That is so strange, I have been messing around in the EQ while using spotify connect, and (in my head at least) clearly heard impact on sound when it is off and on…

But, the real question here @ROSEHAN are, why doesn’t EQ work with Spotify Connect? Other devices clearly manage to make their EQ work with it.


We do not support EQ when using Spotify Connect, and we have never added an EQ function.
If you feel a subtle difference, it is most likely due to your mood.

We can add an EQ function when using Spotify Connect.
Currently, Spotify Connect allows direct playback without going through the Rose device.
However, adding the EQ function may have a negative effect on sound quality as it requires going through the Rose device one more time.
Even so, Spotify Connect is a wireless connection, so it doesn’t help with the sound quality, and having to go through the Rose device one more time can be very detrimental to the sound quality.

@ROSEHAN - I think that if you could add the EQ function it would be grate. There are many spotify-users, including mybself, that I’m pretty sure would love this feature. I would gladly test the EQ feature for you and report back any issues, if that is possible. And maybe you could implement a spotify-EQ toggle? Toggled on EQ applies to spotify, toggled off EQ doesn’t applies to Spotify.


We will review that feature later.

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The eq doesn’t seem to work with arc (and optical) anymore after the upgrade yesterday. When I try to change eq settings in the app I only get a message that eq does not work with dsd native. But the sound signal from the tv is pcm. If I turn on eq directly on the RS520, the EQ have no affect on the sound anymore.

@ROSEHAN , any chance of checking out the last post above?

Since your last update the EQ on earc/optical/coax doesn’t work anymore:

Could you look into it?


Earc → Analog output supports EQ.
EQ is not supported during COAX/OPTICAL output and native DSD file playback.

@ROSEHAN , sorry for my late response.
It doesn’t work for me:

I’m not playing any DSD track through HDMI ARC.

@ROSEHAN , have you got the chance to check out the last post yet?

And also, is there any news regarding Spotify and EQ? You are saying on you website that the Rose have EQ function, but you are not mentioning that the EQ is not working with Spotify (that have the most users).