Shuffle complete library


I have recently purchased the RS150. I have [eventually] managed to connect to my Synology NAS. I cannot find a way of listing all songs using the Hifi Rose App and subsequently shuffling all tracks.

I am sure this function must be available so any pointers would be much appreciated. I have an extensively large music library - 250000 tracks +.

Many thanks



It seems difficult to put 250,000+ songs in a queue.
We are reviewing whether we can support shuffle play in storage without creating queue.

thank you.

Any progress on this issue?



I’m sorry to tell, not so far yet.

Thank you for your reply, which I do appreciate. It’s a pitty that this fantastic machine is being let down by a such a serious issue. I have no intention to offend, but I do believe that it’s a major drawback and a deal breaker.

I do hope that you manage to solve it.

Any light at the end of the tunnel?

Hello @diego

Up to now, the queue can hold up to 3000 songs.
I asked SoftWare team, they said there are no plans yet.

However, if you play the entire songs you have, 3000 songs will be randomly chosen in the queue.
I’m really sorry. I will continue to suggest to the SW team.

Thank you.

Thank you for your prompt and kind reply. I hope that you understand that this IS a MAJOR issue. It’s like standing in front of a Ferrari, and when you look into the engine bay, you find a 1lt, 3cyl, 60hk engine (???). Disappointed is a mild expression.

I just can’t understand that HiFi Rose takes it so lightly on this issue?

Your site states:
“You can build a home media library.
RS150 can recognize up to 4TB of SSD, 10TB of external HDD, and 400GB of MicroSD.”
There is something fundamentally wrong here. What’s the use of it, if it’s only possible to suffle 3000 songs (???)

I would like to know if this is a hardware or software issue? If it’s a software issue, I still might be tempted to invest in one and hope that the software is solved in the near future.

Hello @diego

Sorry for the inconvenience.
I will respond as soon as I receive the information on the status of improvement.

Thank you