Video Music files stored on the SSD stutter or temporarily stop playing

Occasionally Video Music files stored on the on-board SSD stutter or temporarily stop playing, which of course it is very annoying. This is not consistent. The SSD is a new 2TB (Crucial brand). Not sure if there is a connection , but the stutter seems to stop if I close the Rose app on my iPad. Has anybody else encountered this fault ? In general I am very happy with my Rose RS250.

I also found video playing capability of RS250 disappointing, especially for 4k files. Luckily I have an extra box for that.

Would you please explain more how do you play your videos ? Which ‘box’ do you use ? Thank you for your help.


Compared with RS250 this box costs close to nothing :sweat_smile:
I’m very happy with playing audio through RS250 tho.

This annoys me most: cheap 100 USD dongle can do things that 2500 USD Rose can not! In such cases I feel rubbed off of my money! Anyway - after a month of intense use and countless freezes I seriously believe this is half baked product at a premium price. It froze on me yesterday just being left on, without doing anything.

If you bought it just for video playback it is totally not worth it.

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Would you check your message please?

Hi, why does the Rose 150 video not play 24p.


Do you mean frame 24P? I just tested 24P video and it works,
Would you explain more in detail about the video? Codec, extension, etc…
The best way is to send me the video.

RS150 > RoseStore > VLC player > Delete data > update again.

Plays though 60fps not 24fps. Video is not smooth. TV info shows 60 fps.

In video technology, 24p refers to a video format that operates at 24 frames per second (typically, 23.976 frame/s when using equipment based on NTSC frame rates, but now 24.000 in many cases) frame rate with progressive scanning (not interlaced).

Hello everybody, after some more investigation, it appears that at least one problem was related to a coax cable / poor connection. Everything seems to work ok at the moment. I get from time to time " Rose Server Connection failed" message, even if all my devices are connected to broadband internet via a good router and wired ethernet connection. The Rose app does not seem to be the problem. If anybody has an idea what that ‘Rose Server connection’ message may be , this would be great.


When you turn on the power, the screen turns on first, but it may take a little longer for the internal system to turn on. In this case, a ROSE server connection error may appear.
I wonder if you saw the message on the APP or the RS250 device?
Also, under what situation did you see it, and what you played?

The message appears from time to time, even without playing anything. For example, I was trying to set the region, and this message appeared few times.

in my opinion, when i bought this product, i am not expecting the video features to be great as this device is intended to be use for audio, which is one of the best or the best streamer available today.

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Sure, except when you buy it you pay for all functions to work as promised. You may not care about video playback but this does not change the fact that video playback is not implemented properly. After all - all merketing is based on all those functions and one has the right to expect unit to perform as manufacturer advertised. When it does not one has the right to demand it to be fixed in timely manner.

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Agreed. Hardware-wise it is more than capable to play 4k videos effortlessly. It is just the software implementation which needs to be improved.

Hello, @DanU , @tomwoo

There should be no problem with playing 4K videos.

  1. Are the videos you edited yourself?
  2. Are you using a display splitter?
  3. What is the extension of the played video?
  4. Are there any problems with all the video files? Or is there only a problem with 4k video files? Or are you only having issues with certain 4K videos?
  5. Did you update VLC player and is it on? (RS150 > Setup > VLC player ON)
  6. Would you tell me codec info about the video?

My RS250 plays 4k videos but it really struggles, the playback wasn’t very smooth and it stuttered at the beginning. My Himedia box (Q5 pro) plays the same video without any issues. I’m sure the hardware inside the Himedia box is not as powerful as RS250, that’s why I think maybe there is some room for software optimization. For starters maybe developing an in-house media player instead of using VLC player? My experience with VLC player is it works on multiple platforms and plays any formats, but its video quality is subpar. Thanks.

When watching video on TV using HDMI connection on RS201/RS250/R150, there are some unnatural parts.

In this regard

  1. Since LCD output and HDMI output are used at the same time, the frame of the video image may not be displayed sufficiently and some frames may be dropped and played back.

  2. To realize HiFi sound quality, AV Sync and Audio Clock are used as the master when playing video. When synchronizing the clock, in case of video, it feels awkward even if only one or two frames are missing or pushed out of 60 frames.

Regarding this issue, we are also trying to play both video and audio as smoothly as possible, but there are limitations due to the nature of the current system.
However, we will continue to tune it so that it can be improved so that it can play even a little more smoothly.

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