HiFi Rose Reinvents Streamers

I’m lucky enough to get my hands on a HiFi Rose RS250. Very impressed so far. Sounds much cleaner and resolving than my PC as a streamer. I have not yet tested the internal DAC of RS250 but I’m sure it’s pretty good too.

It’s mesmerizing to watch the music playback screen (most beautiful playback screen I have ever seen) and listen to music. The VU meters look good too, very realistic and could pass as real mechanical meters at first glance.

Rose OS and Rose Connect app are so good I might don’t even need Roon in the future, although RS250 was almost immediately recognized by Roon and works as an Roon endpoint flawlessly. IMHO HiFi Rose software meshes so well with their hardware it’s almost at Apple level. Considering HiFi Rose only have 30 something employees it’s no small feat. RS250 really is a revolutionary product and I will go as far as to say HiFi Rose reinvented streamers!

Now let’s see for how many years I can resist upgrading to RS150 or next flagship :laughing:

Just encountered the first problem. Album art display on my Android phone stopped working and nearly all my albums don’t have album art displayed now. I used to see album art in playback screen of Rose connect app when using Roon, now it only shows a Rose logo. I tried deleting database and rescan but it didn’t help. @ROSELOA please chip in? Thanks!

It looks like I have the exact same problem as in this post: Album cover all lost Album art displays fine on RS250 but not on Android or iOS apps. I can only see album covers under Qobuz tab. My guess is RS250 somehow stopped sending covers to Android/iOS apps except for Qobuz. Please help @ROSELOA

I replied in the other article. Your problem seems a little different.
If your problem occurs in App only, it’s setting problem. Please see this answer.

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Thanks! I didn’t know DLNA was required for sending cover images over to my phone when I unknowingly turned it off to disable “unnecessary” services for maximum sound quality :joy:

Good afternoon.
I just ordered my rose rs250. I am unfamiliar with Roon. I know it’s a software service to organize your music. I plan on installing a ssd 2tb internal into my rs250 and downloading songs from Qobuz. If I opt into a subscription for Roon, can I use it to manage and mesh with my music in my hard drive and or my tidal account ? So I just need a iPad, download Roon software , and it will play nicely with my rs250, or do I need to go buy a Roon core computer. I’m new to this. Also. Do you recommend connecting the Rs 250 directly to my router thru Ethernet to download songs, etc, or can I connect and download and stream from my tidal app on my iPad directly to the rs250 ?
Thank you for all your help,


  1. Qobuz supports download service, but you can’t download the files directly in the SSD of RS250.
    You can check the purchased files in > (RoseConnect APP > Qobuz > My Qobuz > My purchases)

  2. You can play music in your SSD and TIDAL via ROON with RS250.

  3. You need a separated ROON Core such as PC. You can play via RS250 which is ROON Ready, but you still need a ROON Core.

  4. You can’t download files into RS250 from TIDAL/QOBUZ. Only streaming is available.

  1. You can play with WIFI but Ethernet is much more stable than WIFI.