How to modify tags

I’m a ROSE RS250 owner.
I transferred my music library on a hard drive connected to the ROSE RS250.
Previously I had a music library on JRiver software.
I had spent a lot of time creating tags correctly with Jriver soft.
I use rose connect premium but when the ROSE created the music database I lost a lot of tags on the records of the albums.
There is now a lot of albums on the ROSE database that have no tag or wrong tag
I would like to change the tags of the music albums.
how do you change the tag of an full album and how do you change the tags of a piece of music of an album ?
thank you for your answer


You can edit only the album name when editing the metadata for each album.
(It is assumed that media scan has been performed, RS250 > Music > Setup > Media Library > DB Scan)

RoseConnectPremium APP > Music > Album > Select Album > 3 dots menu > MetaInfo > Modify

To change metainfo of each song, touch the 3 dots next to each song and select metainfo.

Also, can you send me few music files? We will check them.

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