How to use network sharing

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Categorization only occasionally works on my iPhone. Sometimes performing the media scan described here causes a list to appear but usually it doesn’t. Most of the time, all I get when I select Music/Album or Music/Classification is a blank page. Sometimes a wheel spins for a long while but it remains blank. HiFi Rose needs to take this essential app seriously and fix all the bugs. There are millions of them !

I have seen a few other posts like this from Rose. Could Rose consider adding an online manual section to this site that has the basic, “simple” manuals, plus these How To threads? Right now, we have to hunt for them.


Hello @Pesto_Sauce

This is our website.

If you click support—>download you will find the manual of our device.

Thank you

Yes, I already know that. Thank you.

What I am suggesting is for Rose to add a page on the Rose forum with that manual AND all the How To posts Rose has made (such as the post where I made my suggestion), which would serve as an expanded manual.