Out of the box -impossible to create account from rose 150

I just received my RS 150 friday and decided to plug it yesterday
I was expecting some updates but as i was starting to use it ( Right after the beginning tutorials ) the RS 150 tells me that i dont have any connection to the ROSE SERVER
SO i told myself " well i might have to create an account to reach the rose server "
I went to the setting / User account / SIGN UP … filles my email adress /create a small Nickname (Benji) And filled my password . When I click on the create button , it tells please make sure your nickname is a duplicate
So i created an account on the net trhought teh forums ans used the log in and password on my unit … who knows it could have worked … guess what … it did not
Maybe the unit has a pb because i dont belive that you need to create an account o rose to use the unit (As i mentionned it has NEVER connected the ROSE Server Both throught WIFI or ETHERNET )
Can you please give a reliable solution ? I am starting to be desperate , The is a 4500 Eur unit and there are NO Manuel or clear explanations about the set up af an account … a real PAPER User manual (COMPLETE ) would be highly appreciated )
Looking forward to your response from FRANce
Thanks in advance

ive ordered one but iam on the edge , like you said it aint cheap ive put a new start topic , needs a upto date instruction on complete set up etc lots have had your problem check my comment in upnp section . im considering cancelling my order very shortly

I had the same confusion in the beginning. You need to sign up in the main webpage.

The account you use for this forum is not the same as the one you use for RoseConnect.
Go to https://eng.hifirose.com, click log in and the Sign up.

Good luck

Thanks for the help
I ll try ans let you know . Do i sign up from thé unit rs 150 or from thé Web ?
Thx for Your time and reply

I signed up from the unit itself.
Actually I was wrong about the web sign-up, you will have to do it from the unit itself.

I found the instruction:

Thanks for your help on this one
Still nothing
My unit does not connect to rose server and does not update thé unit . That would explain why i cant sign up from thé unit

My app rose connect premium on my Android Phone asks me to update thé unit and does not allow me create or sign up an account . On thé app thére is only an update inquiry…
Nees to be an ingeneer to use their gear or am i just dumb… or out of date ( at thé âge of 40​:hushed::hushed::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Im 51 as of couple of days ago, age is not an issue lol

were you able to create an account? I assume your unit is connected to the internet?

Hi spbkk
My unit is connected to thé internet.
And ils impossible for me to sign up …

Yes, saw this as well. I could not get it to see my original account so I created a new one and that worked. I reviewed this unit quite thoroughly and chronicled my discoveries here: Brand new TEST user; great hardware but - #12 by taystnotes

Hello @Benji ,

Have you made account in your ROSE device?
(ROSE device > Settings > User Account > Login > Sign up)

When you make account for it, you need nickname.
Also, the nickname should be checked for duplication.
Have you touched the ‘Check for duplication’ button?

ps. Actually, please check the message first.