TV sound cuts out

When I use ARC in, or Toslink digital input, the sound from my TV periodically cuts out. When this happens, the VU meters continue to indicate signal is present. This is super frustrating because the ARC input is one of the main reasons I bought the RS150B. Any help is greatly appreciated. I can run ARC into my NAD M33 and it never cuts out. I have also tried different HDMI cables and it made no difference. Please help.

Hi, you could check if there are updates to be made on the tv, it’s a try.


Would you explain more in detail about ’ TV periodically cuts out’?

  1. How long does it take to cut out the sound?
  2. In TV menu, is the output set to PCM?
  3. What’s the model name of your TV?


I had the same issue feeding my Sony OLED TV output via eARC to my RS150b. I used an Audioquest Vodka eARC specific HDMI cable.

There are definitely communication/handshake issues between the two devices as I was consistently getting sound drop out. I gave up and switched to TOSlink, which is trouble free.

I have a new 150b connected to my LG oled B9 by arc input. I periodically get a loss of audio and harsh stuttering sound when playing tv signal from Roku through tv. There is also some silent audio loss. This never happened with tv setup playing through arc connected Sonos before I bought my new amp and speakers. Any thoughts?


Let me give you some advice.

  1. Try replacing the HDMI cable with a new one.
  2. Check once again that the amplifier, speaker, and cables are well connected.

If there is no difference after that, please let me know.

Thank you

OK. I switched HDMI cables (both are new). All connections are secure. But I have the same sound issues. Sound dropped out to silence briefly (about a second), and other times there was a noisy dropout with a brief loud stuttering type sound. This has only happened playing audio through the tv and hdmi arc input using Roku. It has never happened playing through the same tv and Roku device using a Sonos speaker connected by the arc output from tv. Last night it happened several times, about every 20-30 minutes apart. It does not happen playing Tidal from the 150 B to the Hegel 590 amp using USB cord. Thanks!

The 150B I’m using has a problem with ARC as stated above. I’m not saying my system has a problem but specifically, the Hifi Rose has ARC issues. This may be hard for you folks to believe, but if you have one at home and use it daily like we do, I’m pretty sure you will see what we are talking about. I’ve used my tv with ARC daily on NUMEROUS other components without any issues.

Just FYI. May help isolate this issue. The tv audio is fed into my amp through hdmi into the Hifi Rose 150. I have noticed that the sound will go out briefly and then the connection changes (all by itself) to tv audio through the internal tv speakers. No loud squawking sounds at all.
My system details can be found in my previous posts.

@HifiHandyman @Wbray123

May I know the model name of the TV you are using?
Also, If the HDMI cable is too long, it may interfere with the connection.

Thank you

It’s an LG B9 OLED model. The first cord was only 6 feet long when it happened. I needed to move system and hdmi is now 25 feet long, but I got a better cable for the longer length. Same issue with both cables.

I have the same problem. TV sound over ARC into Rose RS150b stops for about 1 second every now and than. My TV is LG77G1RLA. HDMI cabel is OK and so are the connections. Reading all other problems it is rather obvious that the Rose ARC output causes the problem. The problem exists regardless the source of the TV output. Normal TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime or any other source. Please resolve this very annoing issue.

@Wbray123 @tijgetje13

Can you tell if the same symptom occurs even if the eARC function is turned off from the TV settings.

Well, using the tv with its own internal speakers with Roku it didn’t happen. Using the tv with Sonos seaker connected by the same hdmi (arc) and Roku it didn’t happen. Never happened until use of Rose device hooked up the same way. I could get another wire and hook up tv to Rose 150b through optical cable I think. If that would help.

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When I turn of the eArc function of the TV there is no problem at all with the sound. Thats why I am convinced the problem is the eArc input of the Rose. It is very annoying. Hope you can solve the issue.

Just replaced a new hdmi cable with another new one certified for hdmi 2.1 and e-arc.The problem remains. just had a few seconds of silence when the music dropped out followed by a stuttering sound and then the music came back. It seems like the stuttering sound means that the connection is somehow restored. Again, I have the tv connected with Roku using hdmi input and cable out from hdmi e-arc on LG tv to the 150 B Hifi Rose.

OK. After finding the e-arc setting, and turning it off, the problem continues. Still have frequent audio dropouts, maybe more frequently. This is with the same connection, Roku to LG OLED B9 by hdmi, with hdmi arc out to the Rose 150.

I think I’ve found the issue for my setup. To recap, I have a Roku source connected to my LG OLED B9 tv using hdmi. From there, I use arc hdmi output from the LG tv to the hifi Rose 150B. There are frequent audio dropouts, sometimes with a stuttering sound. [Before getting the Rose 150b, I had the LG tv hooked up to a Sonos speaker from the same hdmi arc output with no issues (using the same Roku).]

I decided to change only the television while using the same setup to the Rose 150b. I replaced the LG with a smaller Samsung tv. No issues after two nights of listening from the Samsung arc hdmi. Thus, it appears the problem is with the combination of LG OLED tv and Hifi Rose using the arc connection. It sounds fine and has no issues with the same setup and same cabling to the different tv model. I don’t know if the problem lies with LG or the Hifi Rose but they don’t work together properly using the hdmi connection. This is a huge issue for me because I bought the Rose specifically for its ability to connect to the tv. So, I can try using a toslink cable instead of hdmi, get a new tv or replace the Rose with a different streamer. And I believe there is at least one other party here with the same problem using the LG OLED tv.

I use a Sony OLED TV and have the same audio drop out issues over eARC. I think it’s a HIFI Rose issue, not your TV.

Holy crap, thanks Nick. I’ve been getting ready to buy a new Sony OLED thinking the drop out issues would be gone! So, here we go NO DROP OUT ISSUES WITH THE FOLLOWING: NAD M33, Classe Delta PRE, KEF LS50W and LS60. All worked properly with audio in sync with volume control with TV remote.

Hifi Rose: ARC issues with drop outs and often audio out of sync. I also have the new integrated amp, so I want the RA and RS combo but I need ARC to work!

Hifi Rose, for the love of God, fix the dang ARC and stop making excuses!!!