Highlight features to enrich your ROSE life - 2

Dear ROSE customers!

I’m back with Highlight Features Ver.2.
Have you tried such features? Let’s start with Tidal cache.

1. Tidal Cache

Tidal is one of the most famous streaming service in the world. However, regardless of this, if your network or TIDAL server is unstable, you may have difficulties in listening music. Tidal Cache can save you from this problem.

  • For Tidal Cache, you need storage directly connected to ROSE device. Connect SSD, HDD or USB to ROSE.
  • Tidal Cache setting can be done only in ROSE device. (RS150B, RS250, RS201E)
    RS150B > Tidal > My Collection > Settings > Enable Cache > ON

  • Select your storage and designate a path you hope to save the cache file.

  • After designating a path, you need Capacity Settings for Cache.
    More capacity for Cache, more tracks saved for Cache.
    You can set it differently according to your storage capacity.

(My storage is full :sob: )

Try 'Recommended playlist - Auto Play’

Try ‘Recommended playlist - Auto play’. Recommended playlist is a list of songs related to the last song in your queue. After the list of songs you added to queue is over, playback will go over to recommended list and play it one by one. You can see recommended playlist in your queue, so try it. If you don’t want it, you can turn ‘Auto play’ OFF.

You can see folders added to ‘Favorites’ under MUSIC > ALBUM

You can see folders added to ‘Favorites’ under MUSIC > ALBUM.
In ‘Favorites’ under MUSIC > ALBUM, you will see all albums in the folder.
I scanned my folder ‘Alan Broadbent’ and can see two folders updated in the favorites as there are two folders in ‘Alan Broadbent’ folder.
The first time you media scan these folders, they are automatically added to your Favorites.

Alarm Setting

You can play radio or music file that you want at a specific time. (Amplifier must be turned on in advance)

Check Ver.1 if you haven’t read it.

Please explain WHERE the “Alarm Setting” is on the Rose Rs-150B. Please do not explain features without including where they are.

Hello @rus5

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Try the following below.
Rose device—>Date and Time—>Alarm

Thank you

Thanks for the response.

On my RS-150B w/ latest firmware, it shows up at: Rose device>Settings>Date and Time>Alarm
The “Alarm” option is below the bottom of the screen under Date and Time so you need to know to scroll down there to find it. Even though mine shows up under “Settings” which is different than your example here, it does show up under “Date and Time” - if you scroll down.

Your post seemed to indicate that a particular song could be selected to be started BY the alarm. But it looks like it’s just a general alarm, is that correct ?

Thanks !


Yes, that’s right. There is no difference from other alarm functions but you can play radio or music file that you want at a specific time. (Amplifier must be turned on in advance)

Thank you